My love letter to Germany goes viral in Deutschland

Back in January I interviewed Andreas Boldt for He is one of the most outspoken and prominent activistis for Israel in Germany. From my profile:

Andreas Boldt can’t help but effuse praise and love for Israel almost any chance he gets—even with his kids. In some of his Facebook posts, the 37-year-old has his blonde-haired children (ages 5-13) passionately singing “Adon Olam” and “Hatikvah.”….A casual observer might think he has some sort of irrational or religious obsession with Israel, but sitting down with Boldt over coffee at Kaffehaus Einstein in Berlin, ahead of his February trip—his sixth to the Jewish state—Boldt said his support for Israel is dictated entirely by reason and ethics.

He is the founder of the Israel-German Friendship page on Facebook, and since my profile of himcame out (in German as well), we have followed each other’s work. Just recently, he translated my “Love Letter to Germany, from the Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors“. The comments I have received from Germans are very heartwarming, indicating that the seeds of a true Israel-German friendship and partnership exist, and that the two nations could fight darkness together. On his pages, the letter has received over 900 shares and likes. Here is the start of the letter, in German:


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