Summer in Berlin, from West to East

JNS, June 14, 2016

The unofficial status of Berlin and Tel Aviv as sister cities is easy to understand. Both cities are drenched with nightlife, culture, and cafés. Especially in the gray, rainy winter, “Tel Aviv envy” creeps up among Berliners. But in the summer, Tel Avivers may get a case of Berlin envy, especially as heat waves plague the Israeli metropolis. The hot Tel Aviv beach sometimes doesn’t provide that same summer satisfaction that comes with the lively bodies of water, parks, beer gardens, and outdoor markets that the German capital provides as compensation for depressing winters.

For those seeking a summer weekend in temperatures that are unpredictably mild, or who want to delve into this creative, multicultural city for more than just Germany’s dark past and tortured history, here’s a mini-weekend guide taking you across the city, from west to east:

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